Ensure products destined for consumer markets perform as intended to protect your brand and prevent delays.

Manufacturers are under pressure to meet product deadlines and gain market acceptance. From home appliances and power tools to handheld electronics and smart devices, consumer products are subject to a wide range of potential regulatory, industry or manufacturer standards. Effectively navigating the complex world of consumer product requirements is critical to ensuring that your product is prepared to enter global marketplaces.

As the world’s leading independent, third-party testing laboratory, MET is your single-source testing destination for products bound for consumer markets. With the capability to verify products through a variety of test categories, MET can provide certification for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental Hardiness, Product Safety, and Energy Efficiency for international market access.

Take your products to global markets with MET’s global market access network. Through our international network of partners, MET can provide certification to multiple markets from a single location. Our end-to-end testing capabilities, expert engineers, and single-source testing solutions help you meet demanding global market requirements and avoid costs associated with multiple testings. Our streamlined testing process utilizes the advanced technology and expert technicians to bring your product from the early phases of product design and onto shelves across the world.

Consumer Product Testing Capabilities

Our end-to-end testing solutions evaluate your products to EMC, product safety and environmental standards; helping you meet critical reliability and performance standards that bring your equipment from development to end use faster and more cost-effectively.

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Consumer Product Category List

MET’s single-source testing solutions give you the capability to test a wide array of electrical products to global market standards. Our extensive testing scope gives you the ability to complete the entirety of your testing from a single location.

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Retail Acceptance

Get certified by MET and gain acceptance for all major retailers. With over 30 years as an OSHA-accredited NRTL, MET meets all of the stringent requirements to perform product safety testing and certification.

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Global Market Access

Get your product to market faster. Take advantage of MET’s global network of partners and laboratories to accelerate your access to international markets in North America, Asia and Europe.

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